RPCNA  |  Midwest Presbytery  |  Winchester (Kansas, USA)

  • Organized: September 8, 1868
  • Elders: Pastor Kyle Borg, David Huston, Bob Lyon, Jay O’Neill, and James Tweed
  • Members: 54 Communicant, 16 Baptized

Covenanters Settle in Kansas

Mr. and Mrs. John Downie were the first Covenanter settlers in the Winchester area. Originally, they had not intended to settle in northeast Kansas, but as they were traveling by boat on the Missouri River they were taken over by “Border Ruffians” — pro-slavery settlers. They were forced to continue their journey on land and crossed into the Kansas territory and settled near Winchester around 1855. 

By 1868 other Covenanter families had joined them. Rev. W.W. McMillan labored as a missionary in the Western boundaries and ministered among these families. On September 8th, 1868, the congregation was officially organized, and, on November 7th, Rev. Josiah Dodds was installed as the congregation’s first pastor.

Winchester Today

Nearly 153 years later we continue to be a thriving congregation in our small rural corner of northeast Kansas. Pastor Kyle Borg was ordained and installed in 2013. In addition to our communicant and baptized members, we have about 20 regular attenders. Our congregation emcompasses a wide array of age groups and walks of life.

Aside from Lord’s Day morning and evening worship, our congregation has an active Sunday school for all ages, youth meetings, and a monthly prayer meeting and family night. Our deacons are committed to a robust ministry of mercy within our own walls and community, and we help with a local food pantry and thrift store. Every year we organize a community Vacation Bible School, host a Memorial Day dinner, hold an ice cream in the park social event in July, lead a community Thanksgiving Eve service, and host a picnic for the local school staff and teachers at the Presbytery’s local camp, Camp Curry. Additionally, many of our members are well connected to the activities, organizations, and boards of Winchester and the surrounding county.

Trusting the Lord for Our Future

The Lord has blessed and prospered our congregation in this season of our church’s life. There are evident signs of His grace as we work in faith, labor in love, and continue steadfast in hope. You can see more of our life and fellowship by visiting our website or Facebook page, or by following us on Instagram (@WinchesterRPCNA). 

Pray that we would remain faithful in making known the glory of Jesus Christ Who is worthy to receive the reward of His suffering.

Special thanks to Kyle Borg for compiling this information for the RP church around the world. Kyle has a particular heart for rural ministry, blogs at Gentle Reformation, and is a co-host to the podcast The Jerusalem Chamber. He is also a member of RP Global Alliance’s Advisory Committee.

If you want to see your congregation featured here, get in touch through our contact page. We’d love to hear from you!

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