The Church, located in Brikama, has experienced growth in recent times, with Lord’s Day attendance doubling
from 20 to around 40. People are beginning to see the importance of a reformed church and as we reach out,
many are coming to a saving knowledge of Christ.

The Youth Fellowship has 4 young men who have expressed an interest in becoming pastors.
Sunday School.

The Sunday School has attracted children who previously knew nothing about the Bible, but now have a familiarity with the Scripture and can recite up to 10 questions and answers from the Shorter Catechism!

Pastor’s Fellowship

The monthly Pastors Fellowship (organised by Sylvester Konteh) has attracted one new pastor interested in reformed theology, along with another charismatic pastor, who has embraced reformed theology and given up the excesses of the charismatic church.

School and Nursery

The nursery (Life Impact Nursery School), is provided free of charge to some who have scholarships. If we were to have external sponsorship, it would help us to more effectively run the nursery, in terms of administrative supplies and payment of teachers. The nursery school has grown from 50 to 82 children this year, although all our
classrooms are now full. The nursery has been a major source of evangelism, with parents and their children
coming to church.

Please remember to pray for Faith School in Kabekel, Gambia. The School Management have asked for the following prayer points to be shared:

  • The spiritual growth of every child in the school.
  • That hearts would be opened to receive the Gospel.
  • Unity in the midst of the teachers to continue.
  • For God to continue showering His blessings upon the work.

Challenges and Prayer Points

A great and effective door has opened (1 Corinthians 16:9) to the Gospel in Gambia, however the major
challenge we have is a suitable building for worship. We currently meet in a church member’s family
compound, surrounded by corrugated fencing and hidden out of the way.

People in Gambia are tired of false doctrine and are looking for truth. If we have our own building, suitably located, we believe the congregation will flourish, under the Lord’s blessing. Give thanks for land recently purchased and pray for a building of our own where we can worship.

Pray also for Sylvester Konteh as he seeks to carry out the work of the ministry, to the glory
of God

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