It was a delight for the Nantes RP fellowship to welcome Pastor Samy Foucachon from the Église Réformée Évangélique de Paris as a visiting preacher and speaker at the end of last month. Samy has been involved in church planting work in France for over 25 years in Marseille, Bordeaux and most recently, Paris.

At the morning services Samy brought a challenging message from the book of Haggai on how God brings about change in his people: God speaks, the people listen, the people fear, God is present, God’s Spirit moves, the people rise up and the people work. In the afternoon adult class, Samy led a thought-provoking seminar on “Calling the Sabbath a delight” during which we looked at an overview of the Bible’s teaching on the Sabbath day. It was helpful to be reminded of how the Sabbath is rooted in the creation and redemption narratives.

Apart from the worship services and seminar, it was a particular delight for us as a family to share in fellowship with Samy and his wife Carol, to be able to tap into the wisdom and experience of a couple with so much experience and insight into gospel ministry in France.

As there was a 6pm curfew in place during their visit, there was no time for them to visit Nantes so they have agreed to come back again next year, something which we are already looking forward to!

Andrew Lytle, Eglise Réformée Evangélique, Nantes France

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