Mr Sylvester Konteh is a student under care of the Scottish RP Church. He pastors Grace Reformed Church in Brikama, The Gambia.

The congregation currently meets in a family compound, belonging to members of the congregation. The compound is surrounded on all sides by corrugated iron fencing, and hidden out of sight. The congregation has been praying for a suitable plot of land to become available, along with the necessary finances, in order to eventually construct a building, in a visible and accessible area. Suitable land is very hard to come by in Brikama, as it is a built up area.

In order to help with this, the Scottish Presbytery set up a Gambia Land Fund to which there were many generous donations. At the end of March a plot of land was identified in Brikama Nyambai, which is just a few minutes on foot from Pastor Konteh’s home. The plot is just off the main highway, and fit all the necessary criteria.

Presbytery was delighted to be able to officially purchase the land at the beginning last week! We give thanks for this further evidence of God’s blessing on the work in The Gambia.

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