The Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland met on the 16th March. 

Rev. Tim Donachie completed his term as moderator, and he will be transferring his credentials to the Irish RP Church as he now resides in Northern Ireland.  We are very thankful for his many years of service to the Scottish RP Church, and we wish him well.  Rev. Kenneth Stewart was appointed as the new moderator of the RPCS.

A regular part of a Presbytery meeting is a review of the church’s finances.  It was clear during this review that Stranraer and North Edinburgh churches are making excellent progress towards being financially self-supporting.  We are thankful to God for how He has continued to provide for the Scottish RP Church!

Another regular part of a Presbytery meeting is an update on the students under care of Presbytery.  We have two students under care: Mr Ian Gillies and Mr Sylvester Konteh. 

Ian will be graduating from the RP Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh in May, and Sylvester has another year of distance learning.  It was encouraging to note that church attendances in The Gambia have almost doubled!

Please continue to keep the ministers and elders of the Scottish RP Church in your prayers as they seek to care for the flock entrusted to them. 

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