RPCNA  |  Midwest Presbytery  |  Washington (Iowa, USA)

  • Organized: October 14, 1841 and joined the RPCNA in 1969
  • Elders: Rev. Daniel Drost, Rob Jarrard, Mike Todd, & Don Wilson
  • Members: 35 Communicant, 13 Baptized

Washington Reformed Presbyterian Church has roots going all the way back to the early nineteenth century.  Today, it has a continuing presence in Washington, Iowa characterized by the same convictions.

Settling in Crooked Creek

Adam Ritchey was an Associate Presbyterian (Seceder) Elder who moved with his family and a few other families across the Mississippi River to settle in an area called Crooked Creek.  Unfortunately, his pastor allegedly had an aversion to the natives there and discouraged the move, reportedly saying, “…The gospel will never cross the Mississippi.” Ritchey went anyway and, of course, the gospel progressed and thrived because it is God who brings the increase. 

The very next year (1837) the Crooked Creek congregation was organized and was the first outreach west of the Mississippi. On February 7th, 1841 the missionary who was sent for the work (licentiate George C. Vincent) preached the first gospel sermon ever heard in Washington, Iowa!  

Birth of the Washington RPC

On October 14th, 1841 the Washington congregation was formally organized. The congregation’s first church building was erected and occupied in the summer of 1844 (the present building being built in 1901). 

In 1859, seventy percent of the congregation went into the United Presbyterian Church while the remainder of the congregation reorganized as a Seceder congregation to maintain its Biblical, and historically Presbyterian and Calvinistic commitment.  This minority group united with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America in 1969 (along with the other remaining Seceder congregations) and continues to have the same Reformed convictions until this day.

Washington Today 

We strive to live to God’s glory and to reach out with His glorious gospel. We have a heart for the community and desire to be there for those in need.  To God alone be the glory!

We would love to have you come and visit!  You can contact Pastor Dan Drost by phone at 319-471-2441 or by email at daniel.drost@gordon.edu .  Furthermore, our website is wrpcna.org and you can find us on Facebook.

Originally hailing from Massachusetts, Pastor Drost attended Gordon College and then earned his Master of Divinity degree from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS) in Pittsburgh, PA. He has served as pastor in Washington, Iowa since 2012. Dan and Abigail Drost have four children: William, Deborah, Lydia, and Martin.

Author’s Note: Historical details come from the article, “History of Washington Associate Presbyterian Church, Observing its 100th Anniversary This Year” by Ann Dawson printed in 1941.

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