A Longing Fulfilled

The weekend of January 1-4, 2021 about 70 young people from the Midwest Presbytery of the RPCNA gathered in Kansas (USA) for their first full youth retreat in over a year! 

Due to COVID, the Midwest Presbytery CY were forced to cancel two retreats in 2020 and move one retreat to a different format.  However, the Lord worked all of our hopes together for His glory in the many months of preparation that went into our first CY Retreat of 2021! Even the location, which was a school building before the church bought it, was a huge blessing (access to sports halls etc).  This location would not have even been considered without the concern of COVID.  

Lessons from the Life of Samson

At the retreat, Pastor Jason Ryce of Springs RPC in Colorado Springs, CO spoke to us on the life of Samson and how it related to our life.  He walked us through what we already knew about this legendary Biblical figure, and taught us so much more about his life, his walk with the Lord, and his mistakes.  Pastor Ryce helped all of us to see this man in a new light by touching on parts of Samson’s life that are not as well known as his faults and failures.  

The Blessing of Fellowship

We also had a great time of fellowship at this retreat. Through discussion groups, prayer time, and free time, we were able to catch up after the year that we had missed in each other’s lives.  The time that was set aside for prayer groups was especially needed after the long time apart from one another. We all enjoyed that time spent in simple conversation with each other and with the Lord.  During our free time we were able to continue those conversations and play some fun games! Thanks to the location that we were at, we were able to utilize the gymnasium for a giant game of “Duck, Duck, Goose”, Killball, Knockout, and many other favorite games.  

Taking Care of Business

Since this retreat was long overdue, our annual business meeting took up a portion of our time.  At this business meeting our then-President, Derek Adams, stepped down as his term ended, and Buck Pinson took over as our President.  Other new officers elected were Decker Milroy (Vice President), Jessa Keller (Secretary), and Brianna Mann (Treasurer).  Through the previous year, the officers had many plans on how to lead the CY, but many of those plans fell through due to the pandemic.  Even so, God was present every step of the way! His plans are not our plans.   

Wrapping Up

We wrapped the weekend up by worshiping with Sterling RPC at Sterling College’s Culbertson Auditorium.  We enjoyed this time of brief fellowship with the congregation. The congregation at Sterling was also responsible for feeding us for the whole weekend, and they did an amazing job! 

Overall, this retreat was a wonderful reminder of God’s love for His people.  He led the way through the planning process to the last goodbye.  What an amazing God we serve!

Alice Hayes, recreation director for the Midwest Presbytery CY

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