The Women’s Fellowship of the Irish RP Church organised a special prayer event for the ladies of the Scottish and Irish RP Churches on Thursday the 4th February. Over 180 ladies joined the Zoom meeting including 6 from the Scottish RP Churches, Rachel Berrocal from Spain and Heather Lytle from France. The prayer time was focused on the churches from Donegal and Galway in the Republic of Ireland.

The meeting began with a short devotional by Elizabeth Greer. This was followed by Mary Hamilton giving some points for prayer for the church in Galway. She focused on: the need for the church to support and encourage each other as they are unable to meet at the present time; praying for those who were regular customers at the Christian bookshop that is run by the church and those who have received Gospel calendars; and praying for those who are looking for work and for those who are working in the health sector.

Ruth McCollum then gave some prayer points from Milford and Letterkenny. She spoke of how Milford’s church building is no longer safe to meet in, but how the congregation is hoping to meet in a new location that is currently in process of construction and very central to the town, giving many opportunities for outreach. She spoke of the new Christians in Letterkenny, and asked for prayer for their spiritual growth, and she spoke of how in both churches unbelieving family members had been listening to services online.

Joanne Wright then gave prayer points for the church in Convoy. Joanne spoke of the Convoy Women’s Group where 5 ladies from the church had been meeting with over 20 ladies from the community for various monthly events. She asked for prayer as they are hoping to move some of these events online so that they can continue to have contact with these ladies.

We were then divided up into breakout rooms for a time of prayer, and then we came back together into the larger group for some announcements and a closing prayer by Anne McConaghie.

It was encouraging and helpful to hear about these churches and how we can pray for them. It was also encouraging to see so many Christian ladies from our sister denomination and to come together with them for prayer.

Beth Bogue, Airdrie RPCS

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