January is a month when many people set resolutions. According to sources online, one of the most common resolutions chosen for the New Year, aside with health or financial goals, is to “read more.”

With only 12% of people managing to achieve their New Year’s resolutions, it can be helpful to plan ahead, setting daily or weekly targets (such as reading 500 words per day, or one book per week). That is why many dedicated readers set out in January to write a book list for the coming year. Not something you have ever done before? Now is the perfect time to start! And we are here to help.

Did you know we currently have reviews of over 30 books on our website, all of which have been written by Reformed Presbyterian authors?! Any of these would make wonderful additions to your reading list for this year. The extensive list can be viewed at the following link, at any point in the year (not just when new books are published):


Here at RP Global Alliance, we are aiming to provide reviews of all
books written by RP ministers, and we know that so far we have only just scratched the surface. If you know of a book that was authored by someone in the Reformed Presbyterian church but that isn’t currently listed among the reviews on our website, or if you would be interested in doing a written or video review, please let us know.

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