We hope that this blog post finds you well though we are aware that some of you who support us in prayer have contracted the virus and have gone through a great deal of discomfort. Others, we know, are working in hospitals and you are being pushed to the limit by the current crisis. We pray that you would know God’s grace each and every day in this difficult time. Knowing the hardship that you are going through, we appreciate even more the time you take to pray for our work here in Nantes. 

Please join us in praying for the following matters:

  • Pray for the gospel calendars that have been and will be distributed over the Christmas and New Year period. This is a simple way of sowing the seed of God’s Word in people’s hearts. Pray that the seed will take root and bring forth fruit. 
  • We were limited this year in how many people we were allowed to invite for Christmas Day. It was, however, a joy to have one Muslim family with us for their 3rd Christmas. They gratefully accepted a gospel calendar and we noticed that last Lord’s Day, the father tuned in to our church service on Facebook! Sadly the family will head back to their home country on Thursday after 5 years in France. Please pray for their salvation and that what they saw of Christ while in France will stay with them and bring them to seek and find new life in him.
  • Pray for members of the fellowship who have had opportunities to reach out to their neighbours and speak to them about Christ. Pray that these conversations would lead to these neighbours coming to saving faith. 
  • Work on the dossier for building permission is on-going. We would ask for prayer for one potential problem relating to how far forward in our property the building would be allowed to come. It would help us greatly if we weren’t obliged to align the new build with our existing home. Pray that permission for this would be granted.
  • We plan to develop our use of video ministry, using YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to reach out to the local community and to those further afield. Please pray for wisdom as we do this and as we plan a weekly “Thought for the week” which will go out each Wednesday. 
  • Please pray for Agnel and Sarah Soundron and their 5 kids as they plan to move to Nantes at the end of the month. Places have been found for the kids in local schools and accommodation has also been provided. Pray that God would be pleased to use them to bring blessing to many during the 6 months that they will be in Nantes. Pray especially for their children who are understandably apprehensive about the move to Nantes.
  • The arrival of a family of 7 serves to underline the need for more spacious premises in which to meet during this time of pandemic. We are thankful for an American missionary couple who allow us to use their spacious living room each Lord’s Day for the overflow from our own meeting place. Pray that we would soon be granted access to the local municipal hall which would allow us all to meet together while respecting the social distancing requirements.
  • Kashi, our refugee friend from Nepal, had his interview yesterday to decide if he will be granted the right to stay in France. Pray that the authorities would grant him asylum and that we would be able to have further opportunities to minister to him. 
  • Continue to pray for unity within the fellowship here. We are thankful for how God has been gracious to us since the start of the pandemic and church life has been far from easy. Yet through all this, there is a real unity and love which are evident in so many ways. Pray that this would continue in the weeks and months to come. 
  • Give thanks with us for the opportunity which Andrew had to take part in a podcast in December to talk about the nature of gospel work in France. Some folks have been in contact since the podcast to express their appreciation and to ask how they might better pray for France.If you’d like to listen to the podcast, you can find it here: Generation Podcast 

Thanks again for all the time you give to pray for the Lord’s work here in Nantes. May we have the joy of seeing our prayers answered beyond what we can ask or imagine! To Him be all the glory,

Andrew Lytle, Pastor of the work in Nantes

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