On the second floor of Rutherford Hall here at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, you can find our Rare Books Room. As you walk in, you are hit with the elegance of the Delft tile fireplace, the beautiful wood trim and bookcases, and the musty air that only historical books can produce. The oldest book in our collection is a Chaldean grammar dating from 1527—making it almost 500 year old!

Beyond housing the books that scholars love to use in their research, our Rare Books Room is a visible reminder. Because our God does not change, neither do our doctrines. Though the truths of God’s Word are clarified and further insight given by His Spirit from one generation to the next, the eternal truths of the Scriptures are as constant as the Lord who gave them to us.

Because of our commitment to the theological boundaries we have inherited from our forefathers, the faculty of RPTS enjoys preparing for our Westminster Conference each year. Given an annual theme, our professors then dig into the writings of those who came before us on a given topic fitted to that theme and share their findings in lectures. Those lectures eventually turn into the articles that are published in this journal.

This year’s theme was “Further Sanctified: Really and Personally.” On the topic of sanctification, the professors presented their work from such areas as Old Testament studies, historical theological developments, and practical theological applications to counseling and preaching.

Transcripts of the talks are available here.

I trust that, as you read the articles or go and listen to the lectures that were given, you will experience in part the answer to our Lord’s high priestly prayer. “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth” (John 17:17, ESV). Thank you for reading!

Barry York, President RPTS

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