The Seattle RPC Session is beginning an investigation to determine what interest there is in planting a church in Boise, ID next spring, with Pastor Ryan Hemphill and his family relocating to Boise at that time, in God’s providence. We have been praying for this city every Lord’s Day since 2011 for God to raise up a work there. Its population is currently at about 700,000 and has experienced a lot of growth.  There are many wonderful things about Idaho and the “Treasure Valley” around Boise, and there are few Reformed and Presbyterian churches.  In addition, there is no a cappella, exclusive Psalm singing church.  It is in need of what the RPCNA has to offer. 

To be able to plant a church and “go”, we are asking the Lord to raise up families and individuals to come and participate. Are you currently considering a move? Do you know anyone who has always loved Idaho, but who chose not to move without an RP congregation? In 2020, many are also in a period of unusual change, and with increasing mobility in jobs, there might be serious relocation considerations being made across the country.  If you or someone you know with firm RPCNA convictions are interested in being a part of this work and relocating to the Boise area, please contact Pastor Ryan Hemphill at  If you have contacts in the area already who may be interested in participating, we would love to connect with them.  Additionally, if you would like to stay in the loop with us as we progress in this exciting possibility, email Pastor Ryan. 

Lastly, would you pray for this hopeful work? 

  • Committed, mature RPCNA families 
  • Like-minded men ready to be elders
  • Local Boise families and leadership
  • Financial support for the work
  • Clear leading from Lord

Pastor Ryan Hemphill, Seattle Reformed Presbyterian Church

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