The call to serve as a ruling elder is a high calling from the Triune God. Elders are placed by the Holy Spirit to oversee congregations that belong to the God who purchased them with the blood of Christ, His Son. Ruling elders, therefore, are to be especially fit for this service.

RPTS (The RP Seminary in Pittsburgh) has come alongside the church to offer a Ruling Elders Program to encourage and train elders in their devotion to Christ, love for His church, and their abilities to serve His people. The program includes five courses taught by RPTS faculty, including modest readings and video lectures.

Participants will audit actual online classes over a period of one to five years, depending on their desired pace of study. The courses are not denominationally specific (except for one RP-centric offering) but rather are generally applicable to eldership.

Packages are designed for individuals or groups as well. More information is located hereThe program opened September 1, 2020, though individuals and groups may join throughout the year..

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