Monday 16 November is the annual Day of Prayer appointed by our Denomination. Normally the ministers and elders meet physically to spend the day in prayer. This year, because of the pandemic, it has been decided that each Presbytery should organise their own meeting.

The Northern Presbytery has decided to meet online, using Zoom. In light of the ongoing pandemic we want to encourage everyone, not just ministers and elders, to set the day aside for personal and corporate prayer and fasting, as we did on 2 April.

The day will be split into 2 parts. Part 1, from 9am-5pm, will be an open prayer time and we encourage you to join when you are able. Each hour a different minister will lead and begin with a reading, before drawing it to a close shortly before the hour. So there will be a natural break around the hour, which may be a convenient time to join. But feel free to join and leave as and when you are able, for as long or as short as you can.

We will hear from our missionaries too. At 11am there will be a 15 minute update from Isaac Berrocal, and the same from Andrew Lytle at 3pm.

Part 2 will begin at 7:30pm with a short address from God’s Word by the moderator of Presbytery, before the meeting splits into smaller groups to pray, aiming to finish at 9pm. We hope the format will enable everyone to join at some stage during the morning and afternoon, depending on work and family commitments; coupled with a sense of wider fellowship in the evening meeting.

The Western Presbytery is also holding a Zoom meeting for the purpose of prayer, beginning at 7pm.

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