The Berrocal family (Isaac, Rachel, and their seven children) are members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland and have been serving with Malaga Reformed Baptist Church, in Malaga, Spain.

Pray for Isaac’s preaching. He has been preaching both in Malaga Reformed Baptist and among the group that meets in his home in the evenings.

Pray also for Rachel and the Berrocal children. The three oldest children attend school every other day, while the other children spend most of their time close to home. Pray for this family, that they would know of God speaking to them, rebuking them if necessary, and always loving them.

Isaac Berrocal works closely with Martin Rizley, a reformed pastor in Malaga with HeartCry Missionary Society. Pray for Martin and Isaac as they would seek to work together in difficult conditions, where even Christian people are a little apprehensive about receiving visits.

This mission work is overseen by a group of men from both Spain and Ireland. They serve together in prayer and counsel as they seek the Lord’s guidance. Pray for their wisdom, insight, and faithfulness to the gospel mission.

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