On 12th September, the Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church hosted a financial workshop – the first of its kind!

I joined fellow RP youth (as well as a handful of others we invited) for the day to discuss Christian stewardship in finances. The workshop was led by local deacon Jason Braden. He had conceived of the idea as a way to expose the church’s young people to biblical principles related to financial stewardship and for the inevitable challenges involved in financial decision making. 

The class started off with a study of what God’s Word has to say about managing money; we walked through passages that stress the importance of taking dominion over God-given resources while also ensuring to that we do not place too much value in financial well-being. We then discussed how to calculate and implement a measure of financial health in our personal finances.

For the rest of the afternoon, we learned personal budgeting techniques, how to approach taxation, and a Christian perspective on loans, among other things. 

Samuel Ward, Ottawa RPC

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