On September 22nd, RPCNA’s Japan Presbytery held their annual fall conference. This year’s theme was “The Church Under Coronavirus.” The conference was held in person at Higashisuma RPC and also broadcast online using Facebook live. Almost 30 people attended the conference and were blessed by this time of fellowship and prayer (brief as it was!).

Pastors Kanamori and Kihei Takiura summarized the contents of the book Coronavirus and Christ by John Piper.  Additionally, we considered how Japanese unbelievers have responded to the pandemic, and evidence of hearts being humbled and caused to think more seriously.  We also considered what it means to worship God and to gather as a congregation, as well as how to minister to those who are unable to attend services. 

Please pray that God would lead the Japanese RP churches as they try to find new ways to reach out to people with the gospel. 

Amelia Takiura, Okamoto Keiyaku Reformed Presbyterian

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