Last year on Sunday 6th October, RP’s around the world had a Day of Prayer for RP Missions. Having received positive feedback on last year’s event, and having been granted permission from the Synods of each member church, the RP Global Alliance have collated prayer points for another Global Day of Prayer, this year to be held on Sunday 4th October 2020. 

This year’s Global Day of Prayer will be focusing on new mission fields and updates on some of the existing RP Mission works around the world including; South Asia, South America and South Sudan (RPCNA missions) and The Gambia (RPCS missions). Some of the works are identified by region and not by country because of the sensitivity of the material. 

Prayer requests have been prepared and sent in from each location, then collated into an A4 flyer, which you can print and keep in your bible to use over and over again! The brochure can be viewed and downloaded here:

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