In the autumn of 2017, student Julia Lodder was in Scotland on the RPCS Semester in Scotland programme. As part of her course work, she had a class in Scottish Reformation and Covenanting History with Jimmy Fisher.

Jump forward to today and Julia is married and a teacher at Providence Classical Christian School in Seattle, Washington and attending Seattle RP Church. Earlier this week she had Jimmy Fisher visit her class via technology and speak to them about the Scottish Reformation. It’s great to see how these two ministries of the RPCS continue to have an impact in different parts of the world.

Reformation Tours posted this on their Facebook page earlier: 

Thanks to technology, Jimmy has just had the pleasure of talking all about Scotland’s Reformation with a class from Providence Classical Christian School, Seattle, USA.

We spoke about pre-reformation Scotland, John Knox and the Reformation, the benefits of using primary sources, and some general Scottish history and culture. We also spoke about how, to Scottish people, Americans are the ones with a different accent. 

We think it’s fantastic that these young people are learning all about this important period and understanding what these brave people of faith did in the past, so that we have the freedom to read God’s Word in our own language and worship Him according to His Word and not man’s. We want to encourage them and others to keep on learning it.

Scottish Reformation Tours have provided many tours of Scotland and the whole of the UK. for school groups in the past. If you would like more information on possibly arranging one for yourself, please get in touch at:

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