The Atlantic Presbytery of the RPCNA met at White Lake Covenanter Camp from September 24-25, 2020.

Normally the presbytery is hosted by a church in the Presbytery but because of restrictions put in place by the governors of the states involved, certain states would have required a period of quarantine before the elders could resume relatively normal activities.

Surprisingly, New York state was the one state where the Presbytery could meet without placing restrictions on the delegates upon their return home! The delegates still were not be able to be hosted in the homes of any church in New York so the idea was put forward to meet at the Camp with social distancing, opening windows and mask-wearing much of the time.

Normally the camp would have been closed for the season but it was kept open for this meeting. The Lord provided fairly comfortable weather for the time of year. Larry Gladfelter, from the Broomall Church, prepared excellent meals and break-time snacks (Those warm toll house cookies were irresistible!) for the presbytery.

Bill Chellis served as the moderator where his experience as a lawyer proved useful for moving the meeting along.

The various churches described a variety of ways they had dealt with the virus to keep the churches together and provide worship services online.

Although no camps could be held in person this summer because of COVID-19, a virtual camp had been organized and held by the officers of the young people.

Two of the congregations had made calls for pastors shortly before the meeting so no action was able to be taken to pass them on. The Ridgefield Park Church has called Dr. Andrew Kerr of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland and the Walton Church has called Bill Chellis, who has been serving as their session’s interim moderator.

J. Bruce Martin, Atlantic Presbytery Clerk

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