On Friday the 4th September Kids Club resumed online using Zoom. Though we’d prefer to meet in person the online format means that we can be joined by children from the other RP churches in Scotland, and on Friday past we had children from the Glasgow and Stornoway RP churches join us. It’s really fun to see all the children and hear about their lives. The children range in age from 3 to 12. It’s a bit more basic than our normal Kids Club in the church hall because we don’t have group games or crafts, so it only runs for half an hour from 6.30-7. 

We start off hearing about everyone’s week, and then we sing some Psalm portions. We are currently learning Psalm 34:8-10. Then we go over our memory verse (1 Kings 18:39), and as the weeks go on we see who is able to recite it without looking. Then we have the Bible story. We are starting a new section on Elijah and Elisha. After the story is read and explained from the Bible, there’s a question time, and it’s always encouraging to see how well the children listened. You also notice how well they listen when you review past lessons week by week, and they still remember key points. We close in prayer, and then explain their challenge for the week. The challenge is some fun job or craft that they are to go away and do at some point during the week. For example, this past Friday we learned about how God provided flour and oil for the widow to make food for Elijah, her son, and herself, and how God continued to provide for the whole time of the famine – so the challenge for this week is to either make or decorate pancakes (not exactly Middle Eastern flatbread, I know) and take a picture of it. After hearing about the children’s plans for the weekend, we then say goodbye. 

We’re conscious that it’s easy for online events and meetings to be dry and lacking in interaction and that people get tired of looking at screens by the end of the week. So we would appreciate your prayers that Kids Club would by interesting and helpful and fun for the children who sign in. Most of all we pray that the children would grow in their knowledge of the Lord and trust in Him. 

If you would like the Zoom information to join Kids Club, contact the office at airdrierpcs@gmail.com

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