Dallas RPC

Dallas Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship held their first worship services in April 2013, meeting at a hotel in Plano. The new fellowship continued to meet for worship regularly with the goal of eventually becoming a particularized congregation, including a local session. Mr. Rom Prakashpalan entered into elder training, which included studying and meeting with Pastor Koller on a regular basis. After months of study, Mr. Prakashpalan was elected to be a ruling elder.  Dallas RPC was particularized, in March 2015, as a congregation in the Midwest Presbytery of the RPCNA and Pastor Koller was installed as Dallas RPC’s first pastor. 

Following the Call

The Lord opened a way for Rom to become a freelance developer. Desiring to pursue seminary, and with a new favourable work schedule, Rom met with his local session, who approved him to be a student.

Rom was brought under care of the MWP and began seminary classes at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in the winter of 2015 as a part-time distance student. In November 2017, He was licensed to preach, (providentially on the date of his 14th wedding anniversary!). Rom’s wife, Maegan, along with his children, were in attendance for these exams, and Mr. Prakashpalan notes how Maegan’s attendance “was a tremendous testimony of her love and support.”

Rom continued to serve Dallas RPC as a ruling elder. The session wasted no time in putting Mr. Prakashpalan to work with regular pulpit supply. Rom continued with his seminary studies via distance work during this time, knowing that eventually he would need to relocate to Pittsburgh to complete his last portion of coursework in person on campus. In April 2019, the Prakashpalan family temporarily relocated to the Stillwater, Oklahoma area as Rom began a pastoral internship with Pastor Parnell and the Stillwater congregation. 

In the fall of 2019, Mr. Prakashpalan moved to Pittsburgh to complete his last year of seminary classes in person. Initially, he traveled back home to Dallas every other week to visit his family. Later, Dr. Barry York kindly to allowed him to return home to complete the final quarter via distance.  

The Lord Provides

At the November 2019 meeting of the MWP, Rom passed his exams and was made eligible to take a call. The Dallas congregation wasted little time in calling him to be co-pastor of Dallas RPC. He graciously accepted. Mr. Prakashpalan graduated from RPTS in May 2020 and passed his final ordination exams in July 2020, with the added pressure of completing them all online due to COVID restrictions. 

On July 31, 2020, Rom was installed as co-pastor in the Dallas RPC, a congregation which the Lord was pleased to use Rom to help plant in its earliest days. The congregation gives all thanks and glory to God for ordering the steps of His people, including the steps of their dear brother, Romesh Prakashpalan. 

Thanks to Dallas RPC’s Ruling Elder, Mr. Andrew Silva, for this narrative. Thanks also to Mrs. Maegan Prakashpalan for the photos of her husband’s installation. 

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