Presbytery met by way of Zoom on the 26th June. The March meeting had been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so this was a busy meeting.

The main item of business was giving Ian Gillies, the student under care, his Presbytery exams. Ian was examined on the Gospels, General Epistles, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, and Westminster Confession of Faith chapters 11-20 and did excellently well. Please keep Ian in your prayers as the current pandemic has meant that his summer placement has been cancelled, and he will be remaining in America this summer.

Another item of business was the decision of Presbytery to write a letter to the Scottish government protesting the decision to allow pubs, restaurants, and cinemas to open before churches.

In addition to these things, Presbytery had their regular review of finances and other matters within the church.

Following the deposition of Mr Andrew McMillan, the Airdrie congregation was declared vacant on the 15th June. Rev. Peter Loughridge was appointed interim moderator.

The next regular Presbytery meeting will be the 3rd November. Rev. Tim Donachie was appointed the new Moderator.

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