For the past few decades, Reformed churches have emphasized the planting of new congregations. For instance, in the RPCNA, nearly 25% of the existing congregations are less than fifteen years old!

RPTS will be running a Church Planting class this fall. In cooperation with the RPCNA Home Mission Board, the theme of the Church Planting class is “We can plant and water, but only God can give the growth.” Drawn from 1 Corinthians 3:6, this text provides the core of the week’s content. 

The Church Planting course is available for audit both in person and virtually. This course is helpful for those preparing to church plant, those already involved in a new work, or those wanting to support such work.

The in-class training sessions will help you develop an in-depth church planting plan as you become familiar with the work and writings of those being used of God in church planting. You will also be able to establish partnerships, networks, and encouraging relationships with others seeking to honor the Lord in this way. Wives are strongly encouraged to participate. Online participants will be able to benefit from similar interactions with other students and experienced church planters.

The program includes rich opportunities for post-class interactions with a church planting mentor and reading groups. Click here for more details. Please email Ed Blackwood to register.

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