At Sparta, Illinois, we are beginning our 200th year (so not 200 yet,  until next June) of God’s amazing providence here.

We are a small group of believers devoted to following Jesus. We gather each Lord’s Day to joyfully worship Him in spirit and in truth.

We believe that God has placed us here not only for ourselves, but for and all any who are near enough to come! We pray that God will use us to show His love to our neighbors. We want everyone to know Jesus and the salvation that He offers.

But we are small and weak. Our fences are torn down, and we need much love and help to go on. Our small group reminds me of a family farm, where only the old  farmer remains, unable to maintain his once-beautiful and productive farm, and it seems as if it won’t continue.

All we have to offer in return is God’s love in us.  St. Louis is  nearby, where there is commutable, non-remote work, and city amenities without all of the day-to-day risks.  We pray Psalm 80, and trust that  God will send help.

James M. Odom, Ruling Elder at Sparta RPC.

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