There are plenty of rural/small town RP Churches that have been declining in part because people are moving to the cities. But in this era, as the COVID-19 lockdown has reminded us, there are plenty of jobs that can be done remotely.

Typically, these more remote areas are less expensive and I haven’t heard on the news about any rioting in places like Walton and Coldenham, NY; Sparta, IL; Denison, Clay Center and Quinter, KS and many other such places! They usually have good internet service, cell phone service is improving, and, yes, they even have indoor plumbing. (Our homes near New York City and Philadelphia in the last 23 years lost electricity many times more than did our home for 20 years in Clay Center, KS.)

If you are considering starting your own business or are allowed to work remotely by the company you are already serving, you might look at these places and the benefits they offer you.

Yes, I want to see more churches planted, but there are small churches that can be revived and we can do both together! Rural usually already have their own building and godly men and women who yearn to see the heritage continue.

J. Bruce Martin, Retired RPCNA Pastor
Elkins Park, PA

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