We are half way through the year 2020, and in some ways it feels like we are half way through a monstrous sea, tossing us back as we strive to move forward. So much has happened in one month in our country and in our little church. I’m not sure what to share or where to begin. Perhaps one can rightfully begin with good news. Thanks for all your fervent prayers. Several of the members in our church who were looking for jobs have found employment in the past month! However, what is gain for them is a great loss for us as they put out their sails to journey to their new homes and vocations, far away from us. In June, we also witnessed Anugraha Church’s first Christian marriage. Pastor Venky officiated the wedding of his own brother Narayanan to Divya, who comes from a neighboring small town. We are also delighted that our government has lifted restrictions on meeting as a religious body, and we are preparing to ease back into worshipping together in person over the next few weeks. Yet this poses us with new challenges as we continue to meet the growing demand for a live-streamed service, outline safety protocols, mitigate health risks, and negotiate expectations from both members and neighbors. 

On a different note, our country has been through some very severe providences of God in the last month or two. In addition to the rising COVID-19 cases, India recently experienced two hurricanes, one in the northeastern part and another in the western part of India. Parts of the northeastern coastal regions were deluged in the aftermath of these fierce storms. Close on the heels of that flooding, a locust infestation followed in the northern states, devastating a third of the summer crops. Parts of Uttar Pradesh in north India suffered massive forest fires during the same period, and finally, the woes of the migrant workers deepened as several continued to starve or die on their way home. Pictures of infants nursing their long-dead mothers emerged, reminding us of the grim fate of the migrant population. Currently, India is also faced with imminent threat from China, as gunfire broke out on the north-eastern Indo-China border.  As Jehoshaphat prayed in the days of the Ammonite attack, we now pray: “For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you” (2 Chr. 20:12).


  • Pray that our eyes may be fixed on our God who is able to save us at an hour such as this.
  • Pray that God would have mercy on this nation of 2 billion, most of whom do not know their right hand from their left.
  • Pray that Anugraha RP Church would continue to grow in strength during this season when many are leaving.
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