The Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia met in May for its Annual General Meeting (AGM) with a focus on receiving annual report from Presbytery committees and sessions. As has become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was held remotely via Zoom, and we were thankful for access to technology to enable us to keep meeting during this unexpected time.

Our AGM would normally include delegates from the CRCA, the PCEA and the RTC, but due to the inability to meet in person this didn’t occur.

We were very glad to welcome a number of observers from our three congregations, to have Andy McCracken on the team for his first standard Presbytery meeting, and to welcome Jonathan Blakston back after a sabbatical. 

Presbytery has a number of committees that do work on its behalf. These committees are:

  • Digital and Online Outreach Committee
  • Dixons Creek Camp Committee
  • Inter-Church Correspondence
  • Safe Church Unit
  • Serve Japan Committee
  • Short Term Missions Committee
  • Strategy Committee
  • Theological Education Committee
  • Youth Ministries Committee

All of the annual reports from these committees and the three sessions are compiled in the Presbytery Yearbook.

Some points of interest from our meeting are:

  • The Camp Committee still plans to arrange Junior Camp, Youth Camp, Young Adult Camp and Working Bee Camp in 2020 although it is likely some will have to be rescheduled. Before any camp date is locked in, state and federal restrictions will be reviewed and the advice of Presbytery sought.
  • Andy McCracken has been appointed as the presbytery representative in the Youth Ministries Committee.
  • Ben Blakston has joined the Digital Online and Outreach Committee as the Frankston representative.
  • Andrew Stewart and David Stewart have been tasked with reviewing the RPCNA and RPCI formal discipline procedures with a view to bringing recommendations to the November meeting of Presbytery regarding the formation of such procedures for the RPCA. This recognises our desire to have a consistent approach and transparency in the important aspect of church life. 
  • Safe Churches Basic Training will be offered to members of the denomination via Zoom. If you are involved in ministry in the church and have not yet undertaken the training, then please make this a priority. 
  • Office bearers were appointed at the meeting as follows: 
    • Moderator – Andrew Stewart
    • Clerk – Joshua Feldman
    • Treasurer – Allan Nelson

The next meeting of Presbytery will be held on 1 August 2020 at 9:00 am.

Josh Feldman

Clerk of Presbytery

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