This month’s spotlight was written by Melissa Hanna, who serves on the Cush4Christ team with her husband Lucas and five children.

The Hanna family has been in South Sudan for almost four months. The Lord has allowed us to transition and settle in quite nicely! Shortly after arrival, our children began attending Cush Christian School. There were some adjustments for them: waking up early, walking to school, following new rules and being taught by someone besides “mom” while entering another culture and being the only Caucasian kids. They handled it well, and played soccer both at lunch and after school to help ease the transition. 

The school is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, so we have been back to homeschooling. Two teen boys from the school join us daily for breakfast, family worship, schooling, recreation, and lunch. Lord willing, experiencing how a Christian family lives will help them to be better husbands and fathers in the future.

The heat has been tolerable, ranging from 100-110 F during the day to 85-95 at night! We are amazed at how the Lord has allowed our bodies to adapt to such a different climate. We have adjusted to an outhouse and an outdoor shower, although seven showers every night with some of us requiring assistance to reach the nozzle takes more time than we expected! 

We have tried to be resourceful in expanding our food options by building a brick oven to bake bread in, which has become a fun activity for the whole family. Thankfully, we all love the local peanut butter (all natural, of course) made by our neighbor weekly. We shamelessly go through three kilos (about 7 lbs.) per week – a main calorie source for our family. We’ll be able to make a recipe book with PB incorporated into all dishes!

Whereas the children and I are mostly at home, Lucas is often out working on training church leaders. Two words summarize the only drum he is beating these days: “train elders!” The need becomes clearer each day: shepherds are needed for oversight, encouragement, discipline, organization, and establishment of particularized congregations.  

Thank you for your prayers! Praise God we’re doing well. He is sustaining us as we serve him here.


  • Pray for wisdom for Lucas and Melissa and the other Cush4Christ team members as they seek to balance ministry with Covid-19 prevention measures.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to use the Hanna family in the lives of the two boys who are sharing some of their family life, and that these boys would grow to become strong men of God.
  • Pray for qualified men (monogamous and of good character) interested in being trained to serve as elders. 
  • Food prices are rising in local markets and people are struggling to feed their families. Pray for God’s provision, especially for his people, and also for good rains so that cultivation can begin.
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