Since early March, campus has been mostly vacant of students, faculty, and staff, leaving large holes in what is normally a very bustling community. As the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary Class of 2020 (at twenty-eight students, one of our largest ever) heads into the final weeks of class, they normally would be looking forward to a grand graduation celebration.

That obviously will not be possible this year, at least in the ways done in the past. The Seminary administration prayed fervently for wisdom from God as to how best to honor the achievements of our graduates and to take time to reflect upon the goodness of our Lord. Strong consideration was given to postponing until later perhaps even to next year. A large number of our graduates will be leaving the country in June. A more than half a dozen live in other states and several are taking calls to other states as well. It meant that waiting would eliminate potentially half of the class or more.

Uncertainty in what we would be permitted to do on May 22nd dictated a decision sooner rather than later. At this point, with groups limited to just twenty-five people, the graduating class would not have all been able to attend their own commencement, let alone family or faculty. Live-streaming was considered but could leave many disappointed because of poor internet connections and other issues.

So we are making a movie! It will have all of the usual components of an RPTS graduation including the singing of some of our favorite Psalms and comments about each graduate. Garrett Mann will give the Student Response and Dr. Ray Heiple (Providence PCA Church) will give the main address.

All of this will take place on *Friday May 22, 2020, at 7:00 pm EST* on the Seminary’s YouTube channel. This link will take you to the graduation video which you can watch at any time after 7 pm (EST) on May 22nd. This link will also take you to a special chapel message to our Graduates by President Barry York. That will be available via livestream at 10:15 am EST on Friday May 15th. Both the chapel and graduation videos will be available after their initial dates.

Friends, help us make this day something for our graduates to remember.
Join us for the premier of the graduation video on Friday evening, May 22nd. For family members of our graduates, we suggest planning a special watch party as you are able with special food and sweet fellowship as you think upon the wondrous things the Lord is doing in the lives of your graduate.

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