I grew up, like many of you may have, singing and loving the psalms. But when I started college it didn’t take me long to realize that none of the Christian friends I was making had grown up with this blessing. Usually they had not even heard that the psalms could be sung. When I would mention it, the response was fairly consistent: “I love the idea; too bad I can’t sing.” Fast forward a few years, and I was in seminary while my younger sister Emily was in college studying music composition. I was even more fascinated by the psalms as I studied them in Hebrew, and she was starting to experiment with writing music for the psalms. The vision for Psalter Project began to grow.

Psalter Project seeks to make faithful translations and fresh arrangements of the psalms. We have always hoped that our work will especially make psalm singing accessible to those who find it to be an interesting but foreign concept. But as we have done the work (three albums now!) we have constantly been reminded that singing the psalms is it’s own reward for any Christian. This has especially been true with our most recent album, Now in Peace. We began with a vision for using lullaby tunes that would work well for children. We have ended up with an album that we think is wonderful for all ages! Our prayer is that you might be blessed by these selections from the psalms, especially in these difficult times.

Pictured in this introductory video are Derek’s three children, Caleb, Asher, and Paul (left to right). The wonderful singer is his wife Clara!

Derek Moore, Pastor at Laramie RPC, Wyoming

Now in Peace can be purchased in CD or digital format from the Bandcamp website, for the fantastic price of $10. A 20% discount applies if you want to buy all three albums together. There is also a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with the latest from the Psalter Project, find out about upcoming offers or contact the creators!

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