Rachel Nelson, a member of North Edinburgh RPC, is a Camp Leader at Girls Discovery Camp. We asked her some questions about her experiences as Camp Leader and about the Camp Reunion that took place last weekend.

Rachel, how many years have you been a leader and Girls Discovery Camp and why do you enjoy it? 

I have been a leader at Girls’ Discovery Camp since 2015. I really enjoy helping to lead at it because I have such great memories of my own years at girls’ camp growing up, and of how much they meant to me in my walk with God at a young age. Looking up to the example of Godly officers and making lasting, God-centred friendships has been an enormous and invaluable blessing in my life, and it humbles and excites me to be a part of sharing that experience with a new generation of girls. Also – camp is great craic, even when you’re no longer a camper! 

What does a Camp Leader do? 

A camp leader’s job involves helping to plan and organise the week of camp in the summer as well as the weekend of camp reunion in February. This includes organising activities, trips, talks, themes, discussion groups and everything else that makes camp run smoothly. During the actual week or weekend a key part of being an officer means being responsible for a group of girls called your ‘squad’ – doing activities together, and also most importantly having discussion and prayer times together based on what is learnt in the talks, and encouraging personal devotions. As well as organising activities and trips we usually get to take part in them as well, which is great fun for girls and officers alike! 

What were some of the highlights of Camp Reunion this past weekend? 

For me, the biggest highlight of camp reunion this past weekend was getting to know my squad in discussion time, where many of the girls were the only Christian in their immediate family, and hearing their desire to see their family members converted. It moved me to see their selfless faith at such a vulnerable age, and challenged me to pray for these girls especially as camp may be one of only a few Christian supports in their lives. Please join me in praying for these young souls and their families!

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