Alexander R. Wright grew up on a farm near Cullybackey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.  He became a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1934 and served in the Ballylaggan Congregation, Co. Londonderry until his retirement in 1971.

He was specially interested in young people and cared deeply for them.  As a result, he wrote “The Pages for the Young People” in the denomination’s monthly church magazine, “The Covenanter”, from 1935 until 1966.

We have republished these articles in digital format, with the permission of Rev Wright’s family. Here is an excerpt on his account of the bible being like a sword:

The Bible – A Sword, by A. R. Wright

Some children are very fond of playing with toy swords, and occasionally these crude weapons prove rather dangerous! Of course, the toy sword is nothing to the real thing. I expect some of you may have seen and handled a real sword. The sword used to be a very important weapon of war, and no doubt some of the older people are familiar with some of the famous swords of the past. You have, of course, read about the sword of Goliath, regarding which David said,   “There is none like that!” You may have heard of the Sword of Damocles, which was suspended over the head of the  person of that name, tied only by a horse hair, when he sat upon the throne of his tyrannical master, Dionysius of Sicily. Certainly some of you will have read of Excalibur, the sword associated with that great legendary figure King Arthur. All these are famous swords, but just now I wish to write to you regarding the most famous sword of all, the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

I hope you are familiar with the name of Edward VI, the ‘Josiah’ of British history.  When he was being crowned King, three swords were brought to him, signs that he was King over three countries. He was not satisfied, however. “There is one sword yet wanting”, he said. And when the nobles around him asked what that was, he answered, “the Bible”. “That book”, he added, “is the Sword of the Spirit, and is to be preferred before these swords.” He then commanded a Bible to be brought and reverently carried before him. Those of you who have read the history of his short reign know how he try to rule according to the Bible’s teaching.

Two main points call for attention. The Bible is:

1.The Sword of the Spirit

2. The Sword of the Christian

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