Airdrie RPCS has started a men’s breakfast, the first of which was held on Saturday 18th January 2020. After a hearty Scottish breakfast of bread rolls filled with bacon, eggs, and “square sausage”, and after time to talk together, Rev Andrew McMillan addressed us with a devotional where he explained the marks of grace from the thief on the cross.

He pointed out only one thief was saved, and made it relevant to us in pointing out how in our congregation and in our families some believe and others don’t, even though they hear the same sermons.

  • the thief had a fear of God and concern for God
  • the thief acknowledged his own sin
  • the thief saw a loveliness in Christ Jesus, confessing the blameless perfection of Jesus.
  • the thief believed in Christ’s power to save sinners, professing His Lordship and Deity.

See Christ’s willingness to save sinners. If Jesus had time on the cross for this man, despite His own suffering, doesn’t He have time for you today! Then to aid in self examination a series of questions were presented for consideration: Do you spiritually thirst for God? Are you increasingly governed by God’s Word? Does your life testify to your faith? Are you more loving? Do you love or ignore your neighbour? Are you more sensitive to the Lord’s presence, especially in worship? Do you have a growing concern for the spiritual and temporal needs of others? Do you delight in the bride of Christ – the church? Are the spiritual disciplines increasingly important to you? Reading, prayer, fasting, journaling, solitude, etc. Do you still grieve over sin? Are you a quick forgiver or do you hold a grudge forever? Do you yearn for heaven and to be with Jesus?

James Boyd, Airdrie RP

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