On 12 January Newtownards RPCI had a full meeting house for the ordination and installation of three new deacons: Gareth Halliday, Roy Morrow and Matt Sampson.

The minister of the congregation, Robert M. McCollum preached on Mark 10:32-45 “The Greatness of Service”, making the point that in the Downton Abbey of the Kingdom of God, the place of greatness and honour isn’t upstairs with the high and mighty, but rather, downstairs, in the servant quarters. Spiritual greatness is seen not in how high up the ladder we climb, but how far down the ladder we are prepared to go for the sake of others, much like the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came not to be served but to serve.

In front of the members, adherents, friends and family members, the three men took their Diaconal Vows and knelt to be ordained and installed into the office of Deacon. Robert then gave a charge to the new Deacons and the congregation from Psalm 100:2 “Serve the Lord with gladness”.

Photo L-R: Roy Morrow, Raymond Trousdale, Gordon McEwen, Gareth Halliday, Matt Sampson, Mark McCavery, Danny Miller, James McCavery, John Carson and Joel McCavery.

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