Having grown up in Ballyclabber RPC the Annual Praise and Thanksgiving Service is something I have grown to love more and more. Coming together to sing the Psalms as family of God’s people is such a fitting end to the year! This year our pastor Rev. J. Blair chose theme “The Wisdom of God in the Psalms”. An encouragement for all as we embrace a New Year and new decade. 

So often today, people are digging for answers in worldly things when all we have to do is look up. In Psalm 19 we are called to look up, to see the glory of the heavens and the splendour of the world. His Word is perfect and pure, right and clear. Are we too preoccupied with our busy lives to see God all around us? The psalm closes with words of wisdom in regarded to His Word. v11, “By them your servant is warned; In keeping them there is great reward.” If we keep God’s Word He promises to keep us. 

Psalm 90 is one which I remember learning in senior class of Sabbath School. I remember finding it difficult to learn but it always makes me think of the older people in our congregation. People who are a great example and guide for me growing up. People who in my eyes, are overflowing with wisdom and shining in Christ’s likeness.

This psalm urges us to think of the years we have and the years which we may never see. This is Annual Praise Service in 2018 was the last service we had before the renovations took place in Ballyclabber. This is probably the biggest change I have seen in my life to date, we have a new interior, and in reality, it’s a fairly minor change in the grand scheme of things. However, it was a change that some members aren’t fit to see. We are called to think about our time on earth and to use it and to realise our true purpose which is to glorify and enjoy God.

Finally, Psalm 49v1 “Here this, all you peoples; listen, all who live in this world.” Well, all I can say is I hope you’re listening now! Many things demand our attention but nothing more than God. God isn’t just for a select few. He is for anyone and everyone who comes to Him through Christ. We could never come to God on our own merit. Be wise and listen to the warning He gives us.

What I found difficult was the challenge put to us – do we demand people to listen to us? If we are Christian, we are so fortunate have this knowledge unveiled to us, but do we do enough with it? A challenge for everyone in this New Year.

Ruth Carson, RPCI

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