We are looking for a venue for our evening services after the school we meet in changed its policy. From the end of 2019 we have no longer been able to meet there on a Sunday evening. 

We had written to the Board of Trustees of a local Christian charity who just opened a new building on Pennywell Road (the same road as the school we currently meet in), asking if we could meet there. We have now heard back from the Christian charity and they’ve decided that we will not be able to use their building.

Please continue to pray for God to lead us and provide for us. It looks likely that we will need some kind of short-term solution while we continue to look for a more permanent solution.

By God’s grace we are too big to meet long term in anyone’s home (which we used to do in the early days of our church when this kind of situation arose) but we might have to find a way to make that work in the short-term.

God knows the next step and we are confident in that. Thank you for your prayers so far – we simply ask that you continue.

Peter Loughridge, Pastor @ North Edinburgh RP


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