On the date that we write this letter, popular blogger Tim Challies linked to an article entitled “The Courage to Say ‘Help'”. The author speaks of how humbling, yet true to our Christian identity, it is to ask others for help.

“It is humbling. Our pride is dented. The facade we have so carefully constructed is cracked, and sometimes even shattered irreparably. And yet it is a beautiful thing. It is what we are designed for. I firmly believe that part of growing in maturity as a human being and as a believer is being willing to say, ‘Help’. Because it is part of being in a flourishing community.”

Tim Challies

 In that spirit, we are writing this letter to simply ask for help. As you may recall, the largest portion of financial support for RPTS comes in the last few months of the year. As December heads toward a close, giving is significantly behind the usual pace of the past few years, resulting in a concerning shortfall. Frankly, we need your help today.   The reasons we are concerned about a significant shortfall are fairly simple to explain as they are three in number: 

  • We had built our 2019 budget on a fairly large, annual pledge that for various reasons has not come in this year. 
  • Our student numbers are down this year, reducing what we normally receive in tuition.
  • Even though we have diligently worked to monitor expenses, already using substantially less than the budgeted expenses for 2019, we still had a large number of unplanned expenses, such as replacing two sewer lines and several major air conditioning units in the building this summer.  

So, despite our best efforts, we feel we must come to you and simply ask “Help.” We trust that the Lord will provide for our needs, and we carefully steward the resources he sends to us. Perhaps you are part of that provision? If you are able, would you send a gift before the end of the year? Checks postmarked by December 31, 2019, will be counted toward this year’s budget. You may send your contributions to: RPTS                                    7418 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 

Credit card donations are also accepted on our website or you may phone the office at 412-731-6000. The office will be open every day but December 25. If you would like to discuss this need with either one of us, please reply to this email, so we can arrange a time to talk with you. Thank you for your time in reading and prayerfully considering this request! 

In His Service,

Barry York, RPTS President                         

Mark Sampson, RPTS Director of Institutional Advancement 

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