The Loughbrickland congregation, and the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland is presently mourn the loss of former minister, Rev. David Silversides. David passed into glory on the evening of the 12th of December 2019, whilst being cared for at home by his wife and family.

The following was written by the Loughbrickland congregation:

“After Rev Silversides serving our congregation for almost thirty years, we were so saddened to hear of his diagnosis in March of 2017, followed by his formal retirement at the end of May in 2018 due to declining health. We then mourned the loss of our pastor, and now of our counsellor and friend. He was eminently a man of the Scriptures – a true gift of God to the church, Psalm 68:18. His pastoral counsel was always soundly biblical, yet tailored and personal. His public ministry was marked by clarity and care in ‘rightly dividing the word of truth.’ His time amongst us carried reflections of what the Apostle Paul commanded Timothy in his ministry. He loved the Scriptures and had a particular regard for the Westminster Standards; a document that conveys so accurately the teaching of Holy Scripture.

As a tribute we quote here a sentiment expressed by a minister of a former time yet not unlike our own time for the relevance and weight that it bears. 

“I take the opportunity of affectionately counselling you to see to it, that yourselves and families be intelligently rooted and grounded in the great fundamental truths of our most holy faith. At all times, it is good to call to mind the words of the Lord Jesus, how he not only said, ‘Read,’ but ‘Search the Scriptures.’ It is specially so in times like these. Much of the current Christian literature of the day, even where it is not positively unsound, seems more and more bent on cultivating what is shallow and superficial; presenting us at best with men’s own thoughts dipped in a weak solution of religious truth, and abdicating the infinitely grander function of setting forth the glorious treasures of the intellect of God. I warn you against this great evil. Be not deceived. Take no hair-thin lacquered silver filigree, for the solid gold of Havilah, which is good. Buy ye the truth, and sell it not. Be really rooted and grounded in it. And to this end, make full proof of the help which our Catechisms and Confession of Faith afford.”

Hugh Martin, February 1866. [Excerpt from ‘Christ Victorious’ Selected writings of Hugh Martin]

This so accords with the tenor of David Silversides’ ministry. With his race now run in the pursuit of truth and God’s glory, may we be spurred on to ‘Buy the truth, and sell it not.'”

A Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance was held on Monday 16th December in Loughbrickland RP Church. You can listen to the sermon preached by Rev Maurice Roberts, here:

Many of David’s own sermons are available to stream or download on Sermon Audio should you wish to go back and listen to them.

Meanwhile, let us remember the Silversides family, and the Loughbrickland congregation as they mourn the loss of a loving husband and father, a faithful minister and loyal friend.

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