On Friday 18th January 2019, a new monthly young people’s work (called GROW) began and has now been running for almost a whole year. The goal is to give an opportunity for learning more about the Bible and a space to ask questions about the Christian faith, whilst also having fun.

Led by Rosie Tait and Rachel Nelson with help each month from other women in the congregation, this has been started under Session’s oversight primarily to provide for a number of girls from our community aged between 10 and 17 who regularly attend church. At present, whilst their parents are known to us, none of them are Christians or attend church – so we are thankful to God for this opportunity to teach His truth.

The name ‘GROW’ was chosen because it represents what we want for these girls – for them to grow in their faith journeys beyond head knowledge to heart knowledge. As an acronym, it also has a variety of possibilities including God Reaching Our World and God Rules Our World.

A typical night takes place in Rosie’s living room, commencing with healthy snacks (surprisingly popular!) and games, then a quickfire question round to get brains engaged followed by our ‘Bible bit’ – taken from Kevin DeYoung’s The Biggest Story, a child-friendly overview of the Bible. There is a question box available for the girls to submit questions either about what they’ve heard or anything else they wonder about Christianity. We’ve had some very good questions so far! We then have a 10 minute ‘interview’ with a different lady from the church each time, sharing a bit about how she came to know Jesus and what He means to her. Each night we have a different activity, such as craft, baking or pampering, finished off with (unhealthy) snacks.

GROW is aimed at girls for now, but we will be happy if we have to revise plans in future to include something for boys!
Please remember this new work in your prayers – and that these girls will indeed GROW!

Rachel Nelson

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