Faughan RPC held a a short mission for three evenings in their Church Hall on Thurs. 7th, Friday 8th and Sabbath 10th November. The theme for the mission was “The Time of Your Life” and all three sermons were based on Bible texts which speak of time — see the attached postcard flyer. Each of the Mission Sermons was conducted by the minister of Faughan RPC, Rev Steven Robinson. The mission services took the format of prayer, praise from just a couple of psalms, reading from Scripture, and preaching the gospel. After each mission evening light refreshments were served.

The congregation engaged in prayer for the Mission in the weeks leading up to it and we also held special prayer meetings each evening before the Mission began. 10,000 copies of the advertisement flyers were distributed into homes in Drumahoe and the Waterside area of Londonderry. On the first evening a few people from outside our own congregation came. These were mostly people who came by personal invitation rather than as a result of the distribution of the flyers. The second evening was poorly attended, both by our own people and very few from outside. On the third evening we had a packed house! However, many of those present were from the congregations of Bready and Gateway Christian Fellowship whom we were very glad to have worship with us. Yet, there were also some from outside the denomination, perhaps seven or eight people including children. Again, it would seem that these people came by personal invitation.

One important lesson that has been learned is that time and time again we have found it difficult to get people to come into our midst—whatever event we are organising—by distributing invitation flyers through doors in the community. This is something we will be reviewing for the future. Another lesson we have learned is that personal invitation, especially to someone you know, has had some effect. Dark, cold and wet November evenings may also not be the best time of year for a mission if we are depending on people coming as a result of them receiving a leaflet through their door. It is just not something people are motivated to do. It’s so much easier and convenient to stay indoors. This probably holds true in this age at any time of year but especially from mid-autumn season into winter.

We would appreciate prayer:

  • For any unbelievers present, that they may come to faith in Christ as a result of hearing one or more of the gospel messages preached.
  • For believers who came to the mission to be strengthened and built up in their faith.
  • For an elderly Christian couple and their son who profess faith but are not attached to any one particular denomination. The minister is hoping to visit them shortly and to encourage them to come back and join with us in worship.
  • For the Faughan Session as they plan for the future in terms of how best to go about preparing for a mission or other similar event in 2020.

Steven Robinson, Faughan RPC

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