The Fall 2019 issue of the Reformed Presbyterian Journal is now available
online and free at this web address.

Based on a series of lectures from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological
Seminary’s Westminster Conference, Seminary faculty explore various aspects of the Synod of Dort. The topics discussed are was follows:

  • Dr. David Whitla: “Four Centuries Ago: An Historical Survey of the Synod of Dort”
  • Rev. Thomas G. Reid, Jr.: “The First Heading: Divine Election and
  • Dr. Richard Gamble: “The Second Heading: Christ’s Death and Human
    Redemption Through It – Limited Atonement at the Synod of Dordt and Some Contemporary Theological Debates”
  • Rev. Keith Evans: “The Third Heading – Human Corruption”
  • Dr. C. J. Williams: “The Fourth Heading – Both Delightful and Powerful: The Doctrine of Irresistible Grace in the Canons of Dort”
  • Dr. Barry York: “The Fifth Heading – The Perseverance of the Saints”

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