North Edinburgh Go Team ran from Friday 25th – Monday 28th October with the team of 4 arriving on the Thursday night. This was my first ever Go Team, so I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. All I really knew was there were leaflets to be given out.

On Thursday evening we got a warm welcome and settled into our hosts’ homes. The breakfast and supper times were great opportunities for us to get to know members of the North Edinburgh congregation and build a relationship with them. Friday morning, bright and breezy, we were marching the streets of Edinburgh delivering leaflets to houses surrounding the school where the congregation meet on Sabbath Day. This was our main activity for the weekend.

The leaflets contained an invitation to church, some further details about when the church meets, and a short gospel message. We got to see the variety of housing and social classes that have developed in the society.

We were very grateful for the help from the congregation and Airdrie when distributing. On Saturday in particular we had much help from the youngsters in the church which was great to see their enthusiasm both in distribution and getting to know us as part of the team.

Each evening we had a time of relaxation at the Loughridges’ house. During this time we got to know the Loughridges and some of the congregation better, and also play with the Loughridge girls which they thoroughly enjoyed. This time was great for the team to bond, and we had the opportunity to share life experiences and our testimonies. On Saturday
night we had a highly competitive game of Articulate which gave us a lot of laughs! We closed each night with evening worship and prayer.

Sabbath day we worshiped with the congregation morning and evening. We also enjoyed a church lunch where we could mingle with the congregation. It was great seeing the children again and building on the friendships we made when distributing the day before. In the afternoon we went for a drive and walk to enjoy some of the beauty of Edinburgh.

All in all, I really enjoyed the Go Team and would definitely recommend to everyone – the work in Edinburgh is so exciting! For example, the walk home on Sabbath evening a few people ‘randomly’ started talking to a woman on the street, and she turned out to be very interested in the church! There is a huge need for the gospel in North Edinburgh, and I
would encourage everyone to increase their own knowledge of what’s going on in our different churches, so we may pray for them better.

Finally, thank you for everything the congregation did to help us, whether that be by hosting, distributing, or providing meals it was very much appreciated!

Ruth Carson, RPCI

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