Kellswater church (Ballymena, Co Antrim) held their 10th Reformation Commemoration Meeting on 30th October. The speaker was the Rev Trevor Kirlkand from Doagh & Ballyclare Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) and the subject was ‘The Reformation in Ireland’. 

The Mr Kirkland introduced his excellent address by saying “Some people might be surprised by the title because they are not aware that Ireland even had a Reformation”. And it is probably fair to say that Christians here know more about the reformations of other European countries than on our own island. It was pointed out that one of the reasons for this ignorance was that the reformation in Ireland did not have a figurehead of a leader such as a Luther, Knox, Calvin, or Cranmer.

By the end of the evening the forty people who had gathered from various church denominations were left in no doubt that there was indeed a reformation, of the winding meandering path it took and of the enduring Protestant legacy it forged. Nor were we left in doubt that another period of reformation is desperately needed in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

The Covenanter Bookcentre once again kindly provided a related array of books. 

The address can be heard on and a cd recording can be requested through our Facebook page.

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