On Thursday 3rd October we held another ‘SHP’ (School Holiday Program) at the Vines Rd Community Centre here in Geelong, Victoria.

Local children from the community were invited to come along and join in this free, fun morning. Many of us have been running these programs for several years now and it has been interesting to see that there are always new faces that come along each time. 

We had 3 rotating activities and they were run by 3 wonderful, willing volunteers from the Geelong Reformed Presbyterian congregation. One was problem-solving games with Luke, another was craft with Ruth and the third was a ‘talk’ with Rob. Rob’s talks (and his practical applications) were about God being the Creator and Sustainer of life. 

We hope and pray that the intentional talks, and our loving care and hospitality, were seeds planted in the lives of these local children. May God grow those seeds and work in the lives of the families we came in contact with that day.

Jane Blakston , RPC Australia   

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