In the prayer points this week Gateway Christian Fellowship asks that we would PRAY for the contacts made during their Summer Club in August, that through the children they may establish a link with some of the local parents. Here is some more information on how their summer club went:

“There is a beautiful park in Derry called Brooke Park and at the top of the park there is Brooke Park Leisure Centre. This is where we held our second Bible Club for three mornings last month.

We gave out invites in the park and in the nearby houses as well as inviting friends. Though our numbers were small – we had a maximum attendance of 10 – the children were enthusiastic and full of energy! We were especially pleased that one little girl from the local area came along each morning.

Our theme was Jesus The Amazing Doctor and we told them stories of how Jesus healed a paralysed man, a blind man and a man with a skin disease. We told them that Jesus could also forgive sins and change people’s lives!

We had a good turn out of parents at our Parent’s Half Hour on the last morning. We were able to tell them what the children had been learning and chat with them over a cup of tea. We pray that we can have further opportunities to work with these families.”

Helen Fallows, Gateway RPC

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