On Saturday 31st August 2019, Ballyclabber gave thanks to Almighty God for the recent refurbishment of their church building and church carpark. A service of thanksgiving was held with members, friends, and invited guests joining together in worship.

In 2016 it was decided that investigations should take place into the state of the floor of the church building. Wet rot was present and it was decided that refurbishment should take place. After a series of congregational meetings, work began in January 2019 and the congregation were out of the building and worshipping in the hall for the next 6 months.

The floor, wainscoting, pulpit and pews were removed. The floor was brought up to a level finish, with a new heating system installed. The layout of the church has also been altered. Box pews have been removed, with a pew-chair being the new seating. A new pulpit and sound desk were also installed.

On 23rd June the congregation assembled for public worship in the refurbished building.

While the work was continuing in the church, it was decided to improve the safety of vehicles entering and exiting from the church carpark. This work was undertaken by Glenturas Construction at the generous offer of completing the work at cost price.

To coincide with the reopening of the building, the congregation planned a number of special services. ON 1st September a son of the congregation, Rev. Robert M. McCollum preached at both morning and evening worship.

On 8th September, Prof. Robert McCollum, Principal of the Reformed Theological College, another son of the congregation, preached at both services.

9th – 12th September, Rev. James Blair (current minister) spoke at a series of evening meetings. The subject for these meetings was ‘Conversations with Jesus.’ On Friday 13th September, Mr Jonny Doey, a member of a local Presbyterian Church spoke at a special Youth Night.

Please pray for these services and meetings. Invitations were given to friends, distributed around the town of Coleraine, and posted in the local newspaper. Pray that the people who came to celebrate with us would have been challenged by the gospel of our Saviour.

Rev. James Blair

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