The Bond of Love

David McKay, Christian Focus Publications

“Could anything be more beautiful than the gracious covenant which the Lord makes with saved sinners?” 

With that incentive, Prof. McKay invites us to join him on a journey from before time began, through history, and into eternity, tracing the outworkings of God’s love for mankind as it is expressed in his gracious promise to save sinners.

This book is like a mini library on a vast array of topics.  It starts with delving into the nature of God himself and moves through to a conclusion with the triumph of Christ’s Kingdom and a look at the new heavens and earth.  Throughout, the practical usefulness of covenant theology (or how we relate to God, and He to us) is brought to bear on a huge range of issues, from biblical issues like election, sanctification and the sacraments, to current issues such as feminism, New Age Movement and evolution.  In doing so, Prof. McKay provides readers with the biblical tools to understand these many topics.  If you want to know what the RP church teaches on a particular topic this is a pretty good place to start.  

But this book is no cold academic exercise in some obscure area of Christian thinking.  This is the very heart of our relationship with God. And it is a warm, living, beating, pulsating heart – the unfathomable mystery of God’s love for unworthy sinners. Such a topic will inevitably stretch our finite minds.  But if you are prepared to have your mind stretched, you will be greatly rewarded as you delve into this great subject.

Prof. McKay combines clarity, incisive thinking and warm practical application.  As well as coming to a clearer understanding of many topics, I found myself with much material to deepen and enrich my own devotional times. He has a gift not only for anticipating and answering your questions or objections, but doing so in such a way as to fit it all into the whole framework of scripture.

This is a book to be read and studied carefully. A great reference tool and an essential part of the Christian’s library.

Mark Loughridge, Pastor of Milford and Letterkenny RPCI

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