Alexander R. Wright grew up on a farm near Cullybackey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.  He became a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1934 and served in the Ballylaggan Congregation, Co. Londonderry until his retirement in 1971.

He was specially interested in young people and cared deeply for them.  As a result, he wrote “The Pages for the Young People” in the denomination’s monthly church magazine, “The Covenanter”, from 1935 until 1966. Each year he would take a series on some topic – varying from Young People of the Covenant to nature, our behaviour, flowers, insects, word pictures of the Bible, animals, descriptions of Jesus and many others. My father set questions for the different age groups of young people at the end of each month’s topic and over 120 letters with the answers would arrive at our home from enthusiastic readers.

A sample of these articles have been republished and are available on the articles pages of the RP Global Alliance website. May you enjoy a sample of what he shared with them.

Lorna Donnelly (nee Wright), Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

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