The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary is hosting another Westminster Conference this year. It will run from 13th- 14th September, and the topic will be ‘The Synod of Dort and the Doctrines of Grace’

The speakers this year will be:

David Whitla: “Four Centuries Ago: An Historical Survey of the Synod of

Tom Reid: “The First Main Point of Doctrine: Divine Election and

Richard Gamble: “The Second Main Point of Doctrine: Christ’s Death and
Human Redemption Through It”

Keith Evans: “The Third Main Point of Doctrine: Human Corruption”
C. J. Williams: “The Fourth Main Point of Doctrine: Conversion to God and
the Way It Occurs”

Barry York: “The Fifth Main Point of Doctrine: The Perseverance of the

More information, or to apply check out their website at:

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